Methodist Holds Annual Service Award Banquet to Recognize Employees - April 28, 2014

Methodist Hospitals honored employees by recognizing their dedication and commitment to the mission of Methodist Hospitals at their annual Service Awards Banquet. The 2014 Service Award Banquet, honoring employees who have reached five-year service milestones honored a total of 303 people who had reached service milestones of five years or longer, including 45 whose careers at Methodist have spanned 25 years or more. More than 400 people were on hand to celebrate the contributions these employees have made to the success of Methodist Hospitals.

At this event we also honor our Employee of the Year, Leader of the Year and Humanitarian of the year for serving as exemplars of our values and vision. This year the winners of the awards were Simon Lillie – Employee of the Year, Dawn Smith – Leader of the Year, and Laurel Valentino – Humanitarian of the Year.

Methodist Hospitals’ executive team and members from the Board of Directors personally thanked each employee for their years of service. This year’s banquet celebration was held at the Avalon Manor in Merrillville on Friday, March 28.

Simon Lillie- Employee of the Year
Simon has been described as being the model for our Model of Care and Conduct, demonstrating our standards of behavior every day and in every way. He receives letters from patients and visitors who have been touched and impressed by his welcoming smile and endless helpfulness. A security guard known not only for warmly greeting every guest who enters our hospitals during his working hours, but also for bringing his warmth and caring to the hospital on his off-hours, as a volunteer.

Dawn Smith – Leader of the Year
Dawn demonstrates her leadership capabilities in everything she does. Dawn is a consummate team player with great interpersonal skills, who is conscientious and dependable, and who serves as a great role model for others. She is very resourceful and enterprising and always willing to learn and to contribute. Dawn has also made many contributions to the success of Methodist Hospitals, including leading the hospital transition to ICD 10, being the longest serving member of our Leadership Development Institute, and being one of the Top Three Heart Walk Captains for the last three years.

Laurel Valentino- Humanitarian of the Year
Laurel has made helping others a hallmark of her 30-year tenure at Methodist Hospitals. She is an advocate for nursing and has served on the State Board of Nursing for many years. She has been a tireless fundraiser for organizations serving the patients in her field, including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Parkinson’s Foundation and the American Heart Association. She is active in youth ministry programs at her church and takes high school and college kids on a mission trip every year to Florida. She and her husband take biannual mission trips to the Philippines, volunteering in a clinic serving those with minimal access to formalized healthcare, and partners with the Philippine Nurses Association to send books and medical supplies and equipment to needy areas of the Philippines.