Workshops to be featured at World Civility Day Thursday - April 3, 2019

Courtesy of the Times of Northwest Indiana

World Civility Day is fast approaching and Chuck Hughes is finalizing plans for the Thursday event.

The Gary Chamber of Commerce executive director said this fourth annual World Civility Day is filled with activities throughout the day.

The civility campaign is about treating each other the way that people want to be treated. It is a partnership with The Times Media Co. and the Gary Chamber of Commerce.

The day begins with workshops at the Indiana Welcome Center.

People are encouraged to attend the workshops, featuring schools, individuals and groups from various states and countries who will be participating.

“I truly want to encourage people to come out to this event,” Hughes said. “It is a grand event.”

The kickoff begins at 8:45 a.m. and Dr. Clyde Rivers will welcome the group. Rivers is the founder and president of iChange Nations and an honorary ambassador to the Republic of Burundi.

There will be workshops throughout the day through 3 p.m.

Those offering workshops include Methodist Hospitals, Indiana University Northwest School of business, Edgewater Health, Legacy Foundation, Teachers Credit Union, Indiana Civil Rights Commission, Spectacle Entertainment (Majestic Star Casinos) and Jerome Nelson. Topics include heart attacks, keeping your cool in confrontational conversations, your voice matters and improving finances.

World Civility ambassadors will be coming from Mexico,  Illinois, Suriname, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia, Kansas, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kansas, Uganda, Congo and Canada.

Some awards will be presented at the workshops. Other awards will be distributed during an awards dinner at Avalon Manor in Hobart.

To attend the workshops, the cost is $30. The awards dinner is $70. To attend both, tickets are $90. Call the chamber to reserve for either event at 219-885-7407.