Regionally Speaking, Thursday, January 16, 2020 - January 16, 2020

Courtesy of Lakeshore Public Radio

Written by Chris Nolte

Today: Reporters Sharon Jackson with Lakeshore Public Radio, Michael Puente with WBEZ (in his role as “Off Mic” Friday program host) and “Times of Northwest Indiana” business reporter Joseph Pete are on the program. Sharon’s offered to us her discussion of the latest on the Griffith-Calumet Township relationship issue with Town Council president Rick Ryfa. Griffith’s asking state lawmakers to support a bill that would allow the town to handle its own township services. Michael has his “Off Mic” conversation with the new Mayor of Gary, Jerome Prince. And Joseph covers the business stories he sent out in print and online for “Times” readers. They include news of two local “Pier 1” store closings and how Pizza Hut wants to expand in the midst of takeout and delivery competition. We also talk to Linda Hadley with Methodist Hospitals about Friday morning’s Northwest Indiana Health Disparities Council meeting in Merrillville. It will be the first community forum of 2020 addressing local healthcare topics and issues.