Methodist Hospitals Blesses new Heart Rhythm Lab at Southlake Campus - January 10, 2020

Courtesy of NWI.Life

Written by Curtis Hankins

On Thursday morning, Methodist Hospitals blessed and held an open house for their new Heart Rhythm Lab (electrophysiology lab). The state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to diagnosing and treating various heart rhythm disorders.

The lab is not entirely new—it used to be called the Electrophysiology Lab and was located deep inside the main hospital building at Methodist’s Southlake Campus. The new location is right at the front of Pavilion A, the new outpatient center. The improved location allowed Methodist to expand the lab into a full-time operation.

“Methodist Hospitals is committed to seeking better ways to serve our patients and to provide access to high-quality, convenient healthcare services,” said Jim Renneker, vice president and chief nursing officer for Methodist Hospitals. “The new Heart Rhythm Lab helps us deliver on that commitment.”

Methodist Hospital’s Medical Director of the Heart and Vascular Institute, Andre Artis, M.D., helped spearhead the renovation and expansion of the facility. His years of experience in cardiology led to the technology and expertise now available at the Heart Rhythm Lab.

This is a milestone,” Artis said. “We’re now able to provide services that, for the past four, five, or six years, we’ve not been able to provide on a consistent basis. There’s a quote from Michelle Obama that says ‘becoming is equal parts patience and rigor, and becoming is never giving up on the idea that there is more growing to be done,’ and that’s how we feel about the Heart & Vascular Institute at Methodist Hospitals.”

Dr. Kamran Aslam, M.D., serves as director of the Heart Rhythm Lab. The renovation and relocation has already greatly increased how many patients are receiving the most advanced procedures.

“Of the three other labs in Northwest Indiana, I would argue ours is offering the newest and most advanced technology available,” Aslam said. “What we’re providing here is an extra layer of service to the cardiologist line. We’re not here to disrupt any patient’s friendship or relationship with their existing cardiologist and primary care doctor; we’re here to work together with them as a team adding more options that weren’t available before.”

After Rev. Dr. David Neville Jr. gave his blessing Lisa Reynolds, RN and team leader of the lab, along with her staff guided volunteers, employees, and physicians from various Methodist Hospitals departments on a tour of the lab.

“Patients can get registered and head immediately into our holding area to get ready for their procedure,” Reynolds said. “It’s incredibly convenient and we’re excited to share the services we provide with our community.”

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