Methodist holds annual Service Award banquet to recognize employees - April 6, 2016

Courtesy of The Times • April 6, 2016

By Times Staff

Methodist Hospitals honored 286 employees by recognizing their dedication and commitment to the mission of Methodist Hospitals at their annual Service Awards banquet.

The 2016 Service Award banquet honors employees who have reached five-year service milestones of five years or longer. More than 400 people were on hand to celebrate the contributions these employees have made to the success of Methodist Hospitals.

Also honored were Employee of the Year, Leader of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, and Safety Star of the Year, for serving as exemplars of values and vision. This year the winners of the awards were Emily Nieto, Employee of the Year; the Rev. Dr. David Neville, Leader of the Year; Lisa Montagano, Humanitarian of the Year; and Jacqueline Cooper, Safety Star of the Year.

Methodist Hospitals’ executive team and members of the board of directors personally thanked each employee for their years of service.

Emily Nieto – Employee of the Year

Nieto continually impresses others with her vivacious enthusiasm and always encourages others to do their very best to ensure quality care. She has an ability to make every patient experience unique. She has an unsurpassed ability to connect with patients, and her manager regularly receives unsolicited praise from past patients commending their outstanding level of service. She has a strong team-player mind-set, an enthusiastic embrace of change, the ability to work with minimal supervision and an unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of patients, their families and nursing leadership.

The Rev. Dr. David Neville – Leader of the Year

The Rev. Dr. David Neville has been an important member of the Methodist Hospitals family for more than a decade. In his daily life and service to Methodist Hospitals, he has been a constant model for all who wish to make service to others a life goal. He is an exceptional leader as well as a reliable teammate, and exudes both confidence and humility, both competence and compassion, both vision and a pragmatic approach.

Lisa Montagano – Humanitarian of the Year

Montagano has made helping others a priority not just in her career as a pediatric nurse but also in her commitment to volunteer and mentoring activities in the community. She has raised funds for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and has worked with “The Modified Dolls,” an organization dedicated to raising funds for a variety of causes and to changing stereotypes of tattooed and pierced women in the workplace.

Jacqueline Cooper – Safety Star of the Year

Cooper is recognized for her vigilance, questioning attitude and the actions she took to prevent patient harm.