Master Facilities Plan

Methodist Hospitals has embarked on a long-term plan to expand and upgrade its facilities over the next 10 years. When finished, Methodist Hospitals will have implemented a complete Master Facilities Plan, which includes projects at both the Northlake and Southlake campuses.

In 2013, the Hospital’s Board of Directors and Administration began an extensive review of its Master Facilities Plan, with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), to ensure its compliance with an in-force Consent Decree. On August 6, 2015, the Office of Civil Rights issued a letter approving the Master Facilities Plan. The plan calls for construction to first begin at the Northlake campus. Southlake campus construction projects will begin after the Northlake projects are underway. The OCR approval letter states:

“Although the proposed expenditures are heavily tilted toward Southlake over Northlake, OCR concludes that the construction projects contained in the [revised] Plan are ‘equitable’.  All of the expenditures fulfill need for the Hospital’s diverse patient bases within the service areas from which the Hospital draws its patients.”

“OCR is delighted with the steps that the Hospital has taken to resolve the issues raised in the compliance review and the Hospital’s clear dedication to continuing to provide quality medicine to the residents of Gary and environs.”

With the OCR approval in hand, construction of facilities enhancements at the Northlake campus is underway. When completed, the Master Facilities Plan will better enable the physicians, nurses and staff at Methodist Hospitals to deliver quality care to communities we serve.

CLICK HERE for an overview of the Northlake campus project.

CLICK HERE for an overview of the Southlake campus project.