GPS Navigation Surgical Suite

The opening of a multi-specialty computer assisted surgery suite to help surgeons in performing more effective orthopedic, neuro and spinal surgeries. It is one of the most advanced systems of its kind Northwest Indiana.

This technology uses an infrared Surgical Navigation Camera and Smart Instruments along with unique tracking software to assist in guiding surgeons and their instruments through the patient’s anatomy.

The computer software builds a virtual 3-D digital model of the patient’s anatomy.

During surgery, the infrared camera communicates with the sensors mounted on the patient and instruments, and the software continuously calculates and displays the location of the surgical instruments relative to the patient’s anatomy in real time.

Computer assisted surgery does not replace the surgeons’ skills, but with this technology they are provided important data and given an enhanced visualization of the anatomy. This enables them to more accurately place and align implants and navigate their instruments through delicate anatomy.

To learn more about this innovative technology, download the brochure.