Balance Program

Balance disorders and dizziness are among the most common causes of falls. The Methodist Hospitals Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics offer balance and vestibular rehabilitation to help people with dizziness and balance issues improve mobility and regain confidence.

By preventing falls, you’re preventing potential loss of life or functionality. Falls can lead to brain injury, including stroke, as well as debilitating fractures.

While those fractures can be potentially life-threatening as you get older, balance problems are not limited to the older population. They can affect anyone in any age group.

In many cases, these balance issues can be improved, and the experienced physical therapists at Methodist Hospitals are specially trained to diagnose and resolve them. Sometimes working through balance issues requires a simple fix, while others require more medical attention.

At the Balance Program, therapists begin with a free, 15- to 20-minute assessment.

Next, they develop treatments to work on key issues, such as lower extremity and core strength improvement. Different techniques, such as walking on unstable surfaces, changing the balance of a surface, and using specialized dynamic equipment can help you achieve your goals.

To begin addressing balance issues, call your physician, who may determine what diagnostic tests to perform. Often, the next step is a physical therapy evaluation.

If you prefer, you can make an appointment for a free screening. Call 219-944-4160 in Gary, or 219-738-3500 in Merrillville. Results will be sent to your physician at your request.

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