Total Joint Replacement

The Total Joint Replacement Program at Methodist Hospitals is committed to offering Northwest Indiana’s most exceptional joint replacement program for the hip, knee and shoulder.

  • The Methodist Hospitals Total Joint Replacement Program is focused on optimizing patient outcomes with the goal to eliminate pain and improve function. Improving your quality of life is our primary objective.
  • Methodist’s Multi-Specialty Navigation Surgery Suite is the first in Northwest Indiana to provide surgeons with “GPS in the OR”. This advanced technology enables Methodist surgeons to perform more delicate procedures, including joint replacements, with greater accuracy and increased safety.
  • Joint Replacement procedures are performed emphasizing Reduced Tissue Trauma Surgery (RTTS) and multi-modal pain management to eliminate the need for nerve blocks, epidurals or pain pumps.
  • Our experienced care coordinators bring together patient treatment, pain management and therapy for every patient while regularly updating their primary care physicians.

An Emphasis on Communication

We achieve our best outcomes when patients and family are fully prepared for surgery. We employ open and transparent communication to fully explain the entire surgical experience, from pre-operative evaluation, to the actual surgical experience and post-operative experience, to the patient and family members, who are often post-surgical caregivers.

Personal care coordinators provide direction through the entire joint replacement process, from pre-admission testing, through surgery and rehabilitation. The guidance provided by these caring, knowledgeable professionals help patients reach their recovery goals more efficiently and effectively.

Advanced, Effective Pain Management

Our goal is to have every patient walk the day of surgery. To accomplish that, procedures performed at the Methodist Hospitals Total Joint Replacement Program emphasize Reduced Tissue Trauma Surgery (RTTS) and multi-modal pain management. This approach eliminates the need for nerve blocks, epidurals or pain pumps.

This technique involves localized injections in the hip or knee during surgery. Patients may also choose to supplement the injection with oral and IV pain medications.

Breakthrough Technologies and Dedicated Facilities

Methodist Hospitals is pioneering advanced surgical options in addition to standard hip, knee and shoulder replacements.

The Methodist Hospitals Total Joint Replacement Program performs both traditional and computer-guided procedures, which enable Methodist surgeons to perform precise, delicate procedures with greater accuracy and increased safety.

Hip replacements may be performed using a minimally invasive anterior approach, which results in less post-operative pain, quicker recovery, and greater overall stability.

Dedicated facilities have been established to help patients achieve the best possible outcomes. The dedicated in-patient unit features hotel-inspired rooms and an accompanying waiting area conveniently located adjacent to the Methodist Hospitals rehabilitation unit.

A dedicated therapy room within the rehabilitation unit is designed to facilitate group sessions in which patients and caregivers can together begin the rehabilitation process in privacy and comfort.

Your Patient Care Team

Every member of the experienced Total Joint Replacement team shares a common goal of designing an individualized, highly effective plan of care.

Your Methodist Hospitals Total Joint Replacement team includes:

  • A Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon to perform your surgery and personally manage your overall treatment
  • Physical Therapists to design a movement program to build strength and aid your recovery
  • Occupational Therapists to teach you how to make daily activities safer and easier
  • A Care Coordinator to help coordinate your treatment, pain management and therapy

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