Orthopedic Procedures

At Methodist Hospitals, our highly skilled surgeons perform a variety of procedures. Some of the most common surgical procedures are listed below.

Amputation – Lower Extremities
Arthroplasty, Shoulder – Complete and Partial
Arthroscopy, Knee – Meniscal surgery/repair, Cartilage Regeneration
Bone Graft
Bunion Removal
Cervical Disc Replacement (Spine)
Fracture Repair (reduction)
Hammertoe Correction
Hand Surgery – Trigger Finger, Carpal Tunnel, DeQuervain’s, Dupuytren’s (Hand)
Heel Spur Removal – Plantar Fasciitis
Hip Nailing for Hip Fracture
Hip Replacement

Joint Procedures
Knee replacement
Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Fracture
Laceration Repair
Laminectomy (Spine)
Microdiscectomy (Spine)
Morton’s Neuroma Removal
Osteotomy for Sagittal Inbalance (Spine)
Patella Injury Repairs
Rotator Cuff Tear Repair
Scoliosis Surgical Correction
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Sports Injuries
Spinal Fusion
Tendon Repair

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Northwest Indiana Orthopedic-Spine Center at Methodist Hospitals

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