Dedicated to Movement

Pain shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you love. At the Northwest Indiana Orthopedic-Spine Center at Methodist Hospitals, we know how to pinpoint the root cause of pain and how to silence that debilitating pain for good. Our physicians and surgeons are recognized leaders in the development of advanced medical techniques that improve surgical outcomes and patient results. We have created an environment in which our specialists in the medicine of motion employ breakthrough treatments and technologies, including those they helped to invent, to get people back to their sport, work or family.

Healing Facilities

When we built the state-of-the-art Northwest Indiana Orthopedic-Spine Center at Methodist Hospitals, patient comfort and convenience was our highest priority. Every aspect of patient care, from diagnosis, treatment and pain management to recovery and rehabilitation, is addressed on Methodist Hospitals’ Southlake Campus.

Advanced Technologies

We’re using the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies to deliver world-class results for our patients. Our surgeons are pioneering advanced joint replacement surgical options including computer-enhanced surgical navigation and patient-specific matched knee replacement, as well as advanced, effective pain management. Northwest Indiana’s first Multi-Specialty Navigation Surgery Suite, known as “GPS in the OR”, enables Methodist surgeons to perform the most delicate spine surgeries with greater accuracy and increased safety. These breakthroughs all result in less post-operative pain and quicker recovery so patients can return to their healthy, active lives.

Close to Home

Delivering quality care, close to home is a key element of enhanced patient care and comfort. That’s why Methodist Hospitals has invested in the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies and attracted the most accomplished health care professionals to treat our Northwest Indiana neighbors. As a result, our patients benefit from the most advanced care available at the Northwest Indiana Orthopedic-Spine Center at Methodist Hospitals.

Northwest Indiana Orthopedic-Spine Center at Methodist Hospitals

Southlake Campus:  101 East 87th Avenue, 3rd Floor, MerrillvilleIN 46410  •  219-738-6670

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