Oncology Clinical Trials

The Oncology Institute at Methodist Hospitals is actively participating in the development of the most effective new cancer treatments. Methodist Hospitals’ participation in these clinical trials is evidence of its institutional commitment to delivering the best, most effective cancer treatments to Northwest Indiana now and in the future.

These research studies seek new ways to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. These clinical trials determine if new medications, new medication combinations, new procedures or devices or new uses for existing treatments are safe and effective.

Clinical trials participants my benefit from emerging treatments that are, as yet, unavailable to the public.

Methodist Hospitals strives to bring the most innovative new trials and options for treatment to our colleagues and Northwest Indiana by partnering with the University of Chicago, and by seeking those trials that best suit our unique population.

At the Methodist Hospitals Oncology Institute, clinical trials are held to the highest Human Protection Standards upheld by the hospital’s own local Institutional Review Board and set forth by the Belmont Report and Declaration of Helsinki. Our staff includes specialists and skilled clinicians, including physicians, laboratory technicians and our own ACRP-Certified Research Coordinator, who has more an 10 experience in clinical trials.

Methodist Hospitals offers the following services for clinical trials investigators:

  • ACRP Certified Nurse Coordinator
  • Local IRB that meets monthly with quick turn around
  • Contract Services Available including:
  • Assistance with Regulatory Documents
  • Start-up and Budget Planning
  • Source Document Creation
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Entry
  • Patient Visits
  • Monitoring Visits
  • Close-out

CLICK HERE for information on currently open clinical trials.

To learn if you are eligible to participate in any of our currently enrolling trials, please call our Certified Clinical Research Coordinator for more information: 219-757-7212

Cancer Support Group

An information and support session about healthy eating, activity, stress management and coping during & after cancer treatment.

Southlake Campus, Pavilion B, Oncology Institute Resource Library
200 E. 89th Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410
By appointment: 219-757-7212

Genetics Counseling

Identify your potential health risks in order to make informed decisions. The counseling also helps identify your genetic results, and provides support throughout the process.

Southlake Campus, Pavilion B, Oncology Institute
200 E. 89th Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410
By appointment: 219-757-7212

Lymphedema Clinic

Patients with lymphedema of the upper extremities can learn proper skin care, diet and exercises, massage and other compression techniques.

Southlake Campus, Pavilion D
303 East 89th Ave, Merrillville, IN 46410
By appointment: 219-738-3500

Cancer Patients’ Yoga Class

This class is specifically designed for people living with cancer and is taught by a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor. Hatha Yoga is the preferred yoga practice for cancer patients. It focuses on easy movement and body postures, meditation and brAZZeathing. Classes meet every other Thursday. Southlake Campus, Cancer Resource Center, Pavilion B, 200 E. 89th Ave, Merrillville. For information, call 219-757-7212.

Methodist Hospitals Oncology Program

Southlake Campus:  Pavilion B, 200 East 89th Drive, MerrillvilleIN 46410  •  219-757-7212