Blood Conservation
Techniques & Technologies

The Center for Bloodless Medicine at Methodist Hospitals utilizes blood conservation techniques and other advanced medical technologies to provide state-of-the-art care without using donor blood. These include:

    • Cell Saver, a machine that continually circulates the patient’s own blood during surgery by collecting lost blood, cleaning it, and returning it to the patient.
    • Electrocautery, an instrument that uses heat to “seal” incisions during surgery to stop bleeding.
    • Medications that include various colony-stimulating advanced biotech products that promote the creation of more red blood cells and platelets in the blood.
    • Plasma extenders and albumin are blood components that are acceptable for some individuals whose religious beliefs prohibit transfusion.

To learn more about Methodist Hospitals Center for Bloodless Medicine, please call 219-757-7213.

Methodist Hospitals Center for Bloodless Medicine

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