Center for
Bloodless Medicine

In Bloodless Medicine, medical care is provided without using any donor blood.

Methodist Hospitals was the first hospital in Northwest Indiana and is one of approximately 100 hospitals in the country to have a Bloodless Medicine program. Our pioneering effort reflects Methodist’s commitment to meeting the needs of every patient.

The benefits of Bloodless Medicine include lowering the risk of contracting a blood-borne disease or having an allergic reaction to donor blood. In addition, there is some evidence that donated blood may have an adverse effect on a patient’s immune system. Patients may also choose bloodless surgery because of religious beliefs.

The experienced physicians, nurses and technologists working in Methodist’s Bloodless Medicine and Surgery are specially trained to care for patients who wish to avoid using donated blood. Using advanced technolgies and techniques, they are expert in reducing blood loss, building up the patient’s own blood supply, and giving patients back their own blood without transfusions.

Patients considering bloodless surgery are advised to consult with their health care team to learn the basic risks that accompany the particular procedure they will be undergoing. They should also discuss their own personal risk factors as well as ask for help in weighing the risks and benefits of using bloodless techniques.

To learn more about Methodist Hospitals Center for Bloodless Medicine, please call 219-757-7213.

Methodist Hospitals Center for Bloodless Medicine

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