Epic Means Improved Patient Care

Because Epic gives Methodist healthcare providers immediate access to real-time patient information, our efficiency and ability to provide the best care are dramatically increased.

In the past, coordinating patient care involved locating records, charts or notes from different hospital departments and physicians. Now, all of Methodist clinicians can access the exact information they need, when they need it.

It’s easy to see, for example, how much more effectively this will enable physicians to manage patients with chronic diseases.

Overall, a consolidated patient medical record that includes information about the patient across clinical areas allows decisions to be made more quickly, and hand-offs from one to the next or one unit to another to be smoother, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Having vital patient information instantly at the fingertips of hospital admissions personnel, physicians and nurses facilitates faster submission and turnaround of medication orders, enables lab staff to process specimens more quickly, and means that emergency department waits can be significantly reduced. At the patient’s bedside, nurses and doctors can spend less time documenting care and more time giving care.

Epic will also help both the physician and the hospital facilitate patient wellness and prevention efforts. Physicians will have access to evidence-based medical information, patients will be able to access educational materials online, and doctors will be able to direct patients to appropriate screening and diagnostic procedures. For example, Epic will allow a physician to identify patients over age 50 that have never had a colonoscopy so that these patients can be encouraged to schedule this recommended procedure.

One of Epic’s greatest advantages is that it helps to enable all patients to become more active participants in their own care.