Epic Means Better Patient Service From the Doctor’s Office to the Hospital

Part of being a regional leader means delivering the best patient service, and Epic helps Methodist Hospitals to do just that. Electronic medical records streamline patient registration, scheduling, billing and other patient issues. Time spent filing, retrieving and maintaining paper medical records is greatly reduced…and less time spent attending to paperwork means there is more time to attend to patients.

Having a permanent electronic record also means that patients at Methodist no longer have to repeat their medical history and medications to each caregiver they see. Beyond the convenience this provides, it can be a great help for some patients who might have trouble remembering the names of their medications and exact doses.

Methodist offers the Epic EMR system to its physicians for use in their offices. This means, when a patient’s doctor is a member of Methodist’s medical staff, all of that patient’s office visit information will be a part of that record as well. Their family doctor and any specialists they see who are on staff at Methodist Hospitals will have instant access to all of their hospital visit records, including lab test results, results of other diagnostic tests such as MRI, CT scans and mammograms without the patient having to carry them from one place to another or paying to have them shipped.

It also means that the Methodist will have instant access to the records from these patients’ physician visits, eliminating the need to remember to make a list of all the medications a doctor has prescribed when going to the hospital – the hospital will already have that information.

Patients are able to access their own medical information through a secure, online connection. Hospital lab and imaging results and discharge instructions are available via MyChart. If a physician uses Epic in his/her office, patients are able to access current medication and immunization lists, check their family’s immunization records (especially convenient at back-to-school time), receive preventive care reminders and even communicate with the doctor online.