Methodist and Epic:
Transforming Patient Care

Living in the digital age affects every aspect of our lives. Evolving technologies bring new ways to enjoy entertainment, perform tasks, access information, and more. In the healthcare arena, one of the most exciting aspects of the digital age is the electronic medical record (EMR) system.

It’s the wave of the future. More and more hospitals and health care providers are preparing to transfer from paper charts to an MR system. The leader in EMR systems is Epic, and in Northwest Indiana, Methodist Hospitals is leading the way by being the first to implement Epic hospital wide. Epic has also been the choice of such nationally known Chicago area providers as Rush University Medical Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, University of Chicago Hospitals, Northshore University Health System and health care giant, Kaiser Permanente.

The Epic system links all hospital departments and specialties, creating a single electronic record of a patient’s entire medical history. Methodist Hospitals’ hospital-wide implementation of this system is transforming our delivery of patient care, greatly enhancing patient safety, treatment and service.

With Epic, doctors can access any patient’s entire medical chart from their computers or handheld devices such as iPads. Such instant access shortens the length of time it takes to perform care. What’s more, instead of just reading about test results, doctors can actually see them firsthand; Epic illuminates, presenting a firsthand view of CT scans, movies of heart catheterization, X-rays and more.

Welcoming the Change

Investing in cutting edge technologies is an important aspect of our commitment to the communities we serve, and Epic is considered to be a ‘best of breed’ system. The response from our physicians, nursing staff and ancillary areas has been overwhelmingly positive.

The software is so user-friendly that even staff members who were initially unsure have wholeheartedly embraced the system.

A Regional Leader in Healthcare

The advent of the electronic medical record signals a significant change in Methodist Hospitals’ culture and in the culture of the delivery of health care. It’s going to greatly improve healthcare and allow providers to obtain data more easily and quickly about the disease processes they are confronting. That alone is going to advance our delivery of healthcare, in terms of both quality of care and patient experience.

It is engrained in the culture of Methodist Hospitals to embrace those technological advances that further our mission to provide the utmost in patient care. Implementing this momentous change reinforces our position as a regional leader in Northwest Indiana.