Portage Doctor Dedicated to Helping Others 

Nov 02


Dr. Melissa Mahoney was an outgoing woman who would do anything to help her family or her patients, said her mother, Susan Taylor.

“She would do anything to help anybody, that’s the way she was,” Taylor said. “What mattered was what she could do for other people.”

Dr. Melissa Mahoney, 35, of Portage, died Sept. 2. She earned her doctorate from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine and was a 1995 graduate of Portage High School. She had been in private practice for three years with Methodist Hospital.

She loved going to Disney World, and would go every year with her sister. She loved the Chicago Cubs, and took her mother to her mother’s first Cubs game this past summer.

“The Cubs didn’t win. It was such a nice day,” she said.

Dr. Mahoney enjoyed keeping fit, and had run a marathon over the summer and had another planned.

She liked reading, and had read all the Harry Potter and Twilight books. She also enjoyed music, especially the group The Wallflowers.

She loved animals, and had a family of cats that she doted on, Taylor said.

“She initially wanted to be a vet,” her mother said. But after volunteering at a clinic while she was a teen, she changed her mind.

“The first time there was an euthanasia, she couldn’t do it,” she said.

She decided to study obstetrics, and loved helping her patients deliver babies.

“She put her patients first,” she said. “She would sit for hours with a patient if necessary.” Courtesy of the Times.

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