Mission to Magnet

Our Mission to Magnet journey over the past 2 years has become more of a reality as we work to disseminate the hard work that has been achieved and our plans moving forward as we await our Site Visit beginning July 17-20.  At the conclusion of the Site Visit on July 20th, the Magnet Appraisers will provide some insight into Magnet Designation Status, but do not have the final say in achievement decisions.  The final decision will take up to 2 months and if all goes well, we’d be notified in mid-September.  This is a milestone for Methodist Hospitals and one in which we should be proud we have achieved!  Methodist Hospitals deserves this designation for the outstanding nursing care that is delivered, for the dedicated nursing staff, and for the support given by all department employees to achieve great patient outcomes. It is important that we understand the components of Magnet so that we can be ready for our site visit, because this prestigious designation would benefit our community, patients, physicians, employees, and nursing staff at Methodist.

Background: What is Magnet?

The Magnet Recognition Program is the highest honor awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and represents the nurses’ ability to provide quality patient care and initiate innovations in the practice of nursing.

Why Seek Magnet Designation?

It is the right thing to do for our patients and it fits with our hospital strategic plan on achieving the highest safety and quality outcomes for our patients!! We already provide quality nursing care to our patients and the designation of Magnet Status will nationally recognize us among the “best of the best in hospitals” for excellent outcomes. In fact, here at Methodist, we have been working diligently on improving our outcomes related to patient care.  Magnet Status would differentiate us from other hospitals in the region for nurses to practice as we’d be the first hospital in NW Indiana to achieve Magnet Status!

What’s in it for Bedside Nurses?

The short answer is – A LOT! Nurses will experience an improved work environment and professional autonomy. Nursing standards and practice is being advanced by increased development and educational opportunities. Top nursing talent can be attracted and retained as nurses working in Magnet hospitals report increased satisfaction. Finally, there is a real focus on improving patient care. This is something that I know all Methodist nurses care about.