Methodist Hospitals Offers Cutting Edge Treatment to Help Dissolve Deadly Blood Clots Associated with Deep Venous Thrombosis 

Apr 02

Merrillville, Indiana – April 2, 2012: There are an estimated 600,000 new cases of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) every year in the U.S. DVT is a serious and potentially life threatening condition. It occurs when a blood clot forms in one of the deep veins in your body, limiting blood flow. It usually occurs in your leg or pelvis, but it can also occur in your arm or chest. 60-70% of patients with DVT develop Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS), resulting in permanent debilitating damage in the affected veins and valves and a deteriorated quality of life. One quarter to one-third of patients with PTS develop a severe form, which can include venous ulcers.

Dr. Anas Safadi, Interventional Cardiologist, said, “DVTs are very common and are the third leading cause of vascular disease in the U.S.; not surprisingly, we encounter many patients both in the inpatient and outpatient setting with this disease, commonly presenting with significant leg pain or swelling. Until recently, these patients were offered traditional treatment which included blood thinning medications and compression stockings. Roughly one third of these patients continue to have long term symptoms due to ineffective treatment. At Methodist Hospitals, we use cutting-edge technology, known as EKOS ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis.” Dr. Anas Safadi continued, “The EKOS drug delivery catheters deliver the lytic drug, while the ultrasound energy (sound waves) thins the clot and allows more effective drug delivery in a shorter period of time, ultimately helping dissolve the clot. The procedure is well-tolerated and typically completed in a short period of time. It is very gratifying to see immediate improvement in these patients’ symptoms with significant improvement almost immediately.”

Patient Ronald Kranz, stated, “I was taken to the emergency room at Methodist Hospital’s Northlake Campus after I fell and passed out while I was at work at US Steel. Prior to passing out I was experiencing flu like symptoms, I had pain in my knee and my leg was swollen twice its normal size. When Dr. Anas Safadi told me the diagnosis, he said he could perform an intervention that could dissolve the clot in my leg fast but safe. The pain is almost all gone and most of the swelling is gone. I can only hope that others will benefit from this procedure. “

Dr. Anas Safadi, “We are fortunate to have the EKOS cutting-edge technology at Methodist Hospital’s cath
lab.” To learn more about EKOS technology and procedure, please click on this link


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