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A threshold to recovery

The Medical Stabilization Service at Methodist Hospitals provides patients with a safe withdrawal from Alcohol and/or Opiates and the related health issues in a medically monitored setting. We provide scheduled referrals and treatment recommendations prior to discharge for continued care.

at Methodist Hospitals…

• Patients who are incapacitated by the abuse of drugs or alcohol are treated in a safe and supportive environment, enabling them to embark on a drug-free life.
• Patients are made aware that their hospitalization is the result of illness caused by the substance to which they are addicted.
• Healthcare providers establish the immediate need for aftercare plans, and determine appropriate treatment levels upon discharge.

Substance abuse is a present and growing issue in every community, and at every income level. Fortunately, research is learning more and more about how drugs and alcohol affect brain chemistry and overall health. That greater understanding has led to new treatments that deliver better outcomes for people with addictions, allowing them to ultimately lead healthier, more productive lives.

Medical Stabilization: Recovery’s First Step

Medical Stabilization is a key first step in effective, long-term addiction management. Without medical support, it can be dangerous to abruptly stop alcohol and drug use, especially for those with long-term addictions.

Medical Stabilization consists of a medically supervised, in-patient hospital stay that lasts up to five days, where patients under the influence of alcohol or drugs and considered medically unstable are closely monitored. This process improves odds for successful recovery.


Patients may be referred by anyone. Those not referred by a physician must meet admission criteria upon arrival to Methodist Hospitals.

For more information, call 219-886-5960.

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