Hospital Safety: Insider Tips Book released by Hospital Staff 

Jul 20

Jodi Boling RN MSN, is a clinical nurse specialist with over 15 years experience in neurology and critical care. She is a continuing lecturer in nursing at a university in Northwest Indiana. Jodi has comprehensive experience in hospital-based bedside nursing issues, and is passionate about end-of-life decision making.

Kathy Plesac RN, MSN, is currently working in the infection control aspect of healthcare. She has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in regulatory issues as well as patient safety issues.

Julie Prieboy RN, MSN, is a clinical nurse specialist with a focus in cancer care. She is currently the coordinator of a community cancer program. Julie’s areas of expertise include creating and implementing quality improvement initiatives in healthcare as well as hospital-based program development and implementation.

We compiled the information for this book to help guide patients and families through a SAFE hospital stay with little to no worries and enable patients to become an informed consumer. Some topics covered include medication safety, infection control measures, and trusting your intuition.

This book is meant to assist patients in receiving safe patient care, and have the knowledge and insight into common safe practices that should occur during any hospitalization.

As authors, we have shared experiences in the healthcare setting as professionals, as patients, and as support for our families. Our basic knowledge of safe nursing and hospital practices has proved helpful on multiple occasions. Our intent is to share some of the knowledge we have gained from our personal and professional experiences.

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