Behavioral Health Services

Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Health offers individualized care in a warm, supportive atmosphere. The first thing our professional team will do is a very thorough evaluation to help determine what’s causing the behavioral and mental changes. We also check for any underlying medical issues that may contribute to behavioral changes.

We will then work with the patient, family and other health professionals to develop a course of treatment that best meet the individual’s needs. Treatment includes individual meetings with psychiatrists and/or group therapy to assist with emotional, mental, physical, and medication needs. Our nurses, psychiatrists, trained counselors and social workers can help with all aspects of a person’s life.

Signs and Symptoms that a loved one may be experiencing an emotional illness include:

  • Sleep or eating disturbances
  • Crying spells
  • Excessive and uncontrolled anger
  • Disregard for personal appearance
  • Sad or blank looks
  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Forgetfulness or confusion
  • Social isolation
  • Severe agitation or mood swings.

Geriatric Behavioral Medicine

We all hope our family members will enjoy “the golden years.” But, as individuals age, they experience the loss of loved ones, and the stresses that go with losing physical and mental abilities. A changing lifestyle and increased physical challenges can lead to sadness and withdrawal. However, persistent personality changes or unusual behavior may indicate your loved one is suffering from an emotional illness, such as depression. Learn more

Adult / Adolescent Behavioral Medicine

Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Medicine accepts patients age 18 to 54, and receives referrals from schools, courts, social workers, churches, mental health agencies and physicians. Learn more

Direct any questions to Behavioral Health Services at 219-886-4755.

Methodist Hospitals Behavioral Health Services

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